Welcome to Solid State Chemistry

Our major aim is related to the preparation and characterization of environmental / energy / biocompatible materials with high economic and social benefit. Solid State Chemistry Group interests are focused on functional inorganic materials, namely binary and ternary oxides. These materials can be designed, tailoring its properties and improving its functionality through solid state chemistry, solution chemistry, hydrothermal and/or electrochemical synthesis routes. The correlation needed between the materials properties and preparation routes demands a straight connection between our expertise areas: inorganic chemistry, solid state chemistry and electrochemistry.


Participação ativa do SSCG no programa Ser Cientista que é uma iniciativa da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, com o apoio do projeto “Escolher Ciência – da escola à universidade” da Agência Nacional para a Cultura Científica e Tecnológica.